February 2003
interviewed by Ian C Stewart

Italian EBM group Blank is something of a sensation, it would appear. Everywhere except for their home. They get email from "fans all over the world. South Africa, Australia, North-Central-South America, Asia, everywhere in Europe, except for Italy. An Australian fan started a discussion group. We were reviewed in a Russian fanzine in Cyrillic. We had to get that one translated."

Blank was formed in 1999 by the Maze and derMate. "We both came from a previous experience - not electronic - which had come to an end, and we sort of had to start from the beginning, with a lot of blanks to fill in. We liked the concept and the sound, so the name stuck. The name also carries deeper, secret concepts, which we never reveal."

"We bought some synths and started writing. After a few months our first CD came out and it became quite popular among fanzines, radio stations and clubs. It was a revelation for us, to see how easy it could be."

"We both compose and write alone. We exchange CDRs with the songs, exchange ideas and notes. The Maze finds some appropriate lyrics and then der Mate has the final words about the arrangement. Whatever we may have listened to in the past has probably influenced the way we are and the stuff we play."

"There is no chance to play a big show in Italy. There are only very small clubs, very far away from our city. We'll play wherever someone asks us to play if they cover our expenses."

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