February 2003
interviewed by Ian C Stewart

Ken Gibson freaks the machines, turning out records for labels like Phthalo, City Slang, LO Recordings, and Planet-Mu. Flaying tracks that are alternanetly hacked, funky, sublime, delicate and downright outrageous, Gibson releases tracks under a full six different names: Eight Frozen Modules, Electronic Music Composer, Reverse Commuter, Porno Mathematics, dubLoner and Premature Wig.

The Eight Frozen Modules persona "popped in my head when i was putting a name on the first demo in 1995, but it was always around really. Since I was born. It just took me a while to tap into it. My ears pick up universal sounds from around the galaxy and tend to write the tracks before I even try to understand. And this is the truth!"

Gibson is nfluenced by artists like the Beach Boys and My Bloody Valentine "because these artists changed the world and how we see it from one minute to the next and shape the whole banana boat existence we tend to live in."

Unlike his groove-hacking bretheren, Ken Gibson isn't shy about taking his sounds to the people, playing unique gigs like "a long birthday party for Anton Szandor LaVey in the Hollywood hills. Mad shit going down there! And one time I had a drunken conversation with Brian Wilson while he clapped his hands to the Jesus And Mary Chain and ordered margaritas from every waitress that passed by!"

"Reverse Commuter and Premature Wig have releases in early 2003 and a new eight frozen record early 2003 and a full length electronic music composer record sometime mid 2003."

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