May 2003
FROZEN RAIN KurtVereecke
interview by Ian C Stewart

Who does what in the band?
First of all I have to tell you that Frozen Rain isnít really a band. At this moment itís more or less a studio project. Iíve written a whole collection of songs which Iím recording now with the help of many musical friends. Each one of them also has his own projects and bands. If the album is succesful itís possible I will think about a live band but right now I have my hands full with the recording of the album. Hereís a list of musicians involved in my project: Tommy Denander (guitar), Luc Van Thuyne (guitar), Sven Bauwens (guitar), Dirk Cauwels (guitar & vocals), Dan Palladino (guitar), Frank Deroubaix (guitar), Ward Snauwaert (guitar), Bart Vandenbroucke (bass), Guido De Steur (bass), Gino Vyncke (vocals), Peter De Zutter (vocals), Jo De Boeck (vocals), Marc Janseghers (vocals), Philippe Beauprez (vocals), Jessica Lippens (vocals) and myself, Kurt Vereecke (keyboards, drums, bass, vocals)

Where did the band's name come from?
Frozen Rain is a name which I used for one of my bands in the eighties. When I needed a name for this project I remembered this name. People always liked that name and many friends advised me to use this name again for the new project, so thatís what I did.

Are you active in your local music scene?
Iíve been active in the local music scene for many years. The last few years I've only done studio work. Iíve recorded 3 double CDs with songs for children and Iíve written 3 music books which are used in the schools here in Belgium. At the moment Iím concentrating on my first album.

How do your songs come to be?
For me the melody of a song is very important. Thatís the base of a good song so I pay a lot of attention to that. All songs on my upcoming album will be very melodic. If you love nice tunes with powerful guitars and bright keyboards then you will like this. The album will be filled with nothing else than pure AORÖ

Who are your five biggest musical influences and why?
I love so many bands and artists in different kinds of genres but if you ask me about my musical influences I have to give you names like Journey, Signal, Toto, Giant and of course my buddy Tommy Denander. Why? Simply because they all know how to write catchy & well crafted tunes.

What's the biggest show you've played so far?
The biggest show Iíve played was a show on ďAffligem RockĒ, one of the biggest festivals here in Belgium. We shared the stage with Golden Earring & Mud.

Any amusing band-related anecdotes you'd like to share with the world?
We once had a big concert in Gent. Three days before the concert our guitar player told us he had injured his back. He wasnít able to do the show. The rest of the band didnít want to cancel the concert because it was one of the biggest weíve ever done. I asked my friend Luc Van Thuyne if he could replace our guitar player for that concert. You must know that Luc never heard our songs before until that moment. So what happened? The day just before the concert we rehearsed with Luc from morning until the evening and the next day we played that important concert with Luc. He played all rhythm & sologuitars just like he'd already been playing for years with the bandÖ

What's next for the band?
Because of the fact that there are so many people involved in this project I think I will need the rest of the year to complete everything. Iíve written all of the tunes myself but I also play all keyboards & drums on the album, Iím also the engineer & producer soÖ I know what to do for the moment. Iím looking forward so much to have this album out finally. Itís what Iíve always wanted!!

full discography
1986: A track on the ďLof-lpĒ called ďSo material and so smartĒ
1990: Demo with Rhyana (6 tracks)
1992: Single released by Cobra Records (I have a dream/Little angel)
1994: Demo under the name Curt Williams (12 tracks)
1997: 1e double cd with songs for children
1999: 2e double cd with songs for children
2001: 3e double cd with songs for children
2003: cd under the project name ďFrozen RainĒ with pure A.O.R.

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