May 2003
interview by Ian C Stewart

Who does what in the band? And when was Gorerotted formed?
Hi there, American fella, Mr Gore here. The band, yeah, well - I do vocals, Babysliced is the other guy, or is it Goreskin, I never know which name he wants to use. Then there's Fluffy, he's a guitar player, Robin Pants is the other, Wilson The Phil-A-Raptor) is on the bass - he's Scottish. And Rushy Insane is on the drums. The band formed whilst leaning against the bar of The Standard, that's a pub, which was also wher we played our first gig, and the lineup was finalized whilst drinking beer in my house, whilst watching some very explicit material - a horror film, I mean - and we had our first rehearsal the next day.

What's up with the name Gorerotted, who thought of that?
I'm not really sure, part of it must have come from my name and the rest, well, lord knows!?

Are you active locally?
Well, I think so. We don't play many gigs in London anymore but everybody knows us for one reason or another, and not anyways for the right reasons. And they know the band too.

How are your songs written?
Now there's a question! Most of our songs originate from horror films, or are based around the lives of serial killers, and the other ones, I haven't got the faintest idea, matey! I mean, for example, "Her Gash I Did Slash" was based around Jack the Ripper, but "Hacksaw," who knows?

What influences your music?
Horror films and beer mainly, but musically, I like Pungent Stench and Macabre. I also like Therion, Obituary and Nuclear Assault.

What's the biggest show you've played so far?
We played the Obscene Extreme featival last year, which was to 3000 people. What was also cool about that was we got to play with Pungent Stench.

You seem like a pretty respectable, sensible collection of individuals to me.
Mmm, well, I don't know were to start. In this band, the ammount of shit that goes on is unbelievable. The other night the whole band went to the pub, drank lots, beat each other up in the streets, and after that we went back to Wilson's house with one cracked open head, one broken nose, a couple of black eyes, a cracked rib and lots of bruises. Then Rushy and Goreskin smashed glasses over each others' heads, Wilson's bed, a cupboard, and a bunch of CDs got broken. Rushy slept in a bath full of piss. Goreskin slept hugging the toilet with all sick down him, then in the morning it was back to the pub for an all-day session which ended with Rushy and our friend Trud fighing at the train station and falling onto the tracks, which is quite a drop! Usually we're nice fellas but that day, well, we must have had a dodgy pint or something. It's always fun when were out and about.

What's next for Gorerotted?
We've recorded our next album, Only Tools And Corpses, which will be out in May, we have also got a split CD with Gronibard and Gruesome Stuff Relish, which should be out in the next few month too, so we are quite busy at the moment.

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