February 2003
interviewed by Ian C Stewart

Psychotic, porn-obsessed, anti-PC, idiot-savant rock trio Highmore's Body (named after a medical condition) brings the pain with songs that are by turns scary, subtle, death-defying and often amazing. The onstage introductions to the songs are often as entertaining as the songs themselves, often referring to double dongs and suicide orgies, amid crotch-grabbing and self-loathing - and that's just in the audience. Highmore's Body is like the Melvins playing Rush and Mentors covers at the same time. The singer/bassist lays down the deathly low end while the guitarist and his effects bring an almost Edge-like atmosphere to the proceedings. The drummer slices rhythms in half and sneaks in almost preposterous fills.

With a highly unusual marketing strategy of leaving hundreds of piles of home-made cassettes (with individually hand-written covers) seemingly everywhere one looks (record stores, bars, music venues, gas stations, adult bookstores, plasma donation clinics, plastic surgery kiosks in malls), Highmore's takes a passive-aggressive approach to self-promotion.

Who does what in the band?
"The drummer throws garbage and visits the landfill every weekday but Friday. The bass player breeds hamsters for Richard Gere. The guitar player is a virtual encyclopedia of stupid arpeggios that don't ever fit the song, but it makes him look better than the rest of the band. He also has the best facial hair and a strong chin like Jay Leno."

When was the band formed?
"A full moon night when the end of Kwanzaa fell on the beginning of Ramadaan, which was the the 13th day of Christmas and the 666th day of Hanukha twice removed."

Tell me a funny story about Highmore's Body.
"The drummer couldn't pay rent for the practice space because he was buying top of the line baby furniture."

Shit, I'm almost sorry I asked.

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