February 2003
interview by Ian C Stewart

Electronic group In The Nursery was formed in 1981 by identical twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone, inspired then (as now) by Joy Division and New Order. "Essentially we were influenced by the punk ethic that anyone could make music. Whereas others might try to express themselves through painting or writing, we chose to use music as a means of communication."

They've provided music for several film soundtracks and trailers including Interview with the Vampire, the Sweet Hereafter, the Rainmaker and Random Hearts, in addition to being featured on soundtracks for the US TV series La Femme Nikita and indie films Underground and XXL.

After releasing classics like the 12" "Temper," and the full-length Twins on seminal electro indie label Sweatbox, the brothers set up their own label and in 1994 began releasing their "music to make movies to" themselves.

"We set up the ITN Corporation label and it's worked out really nicely. Obviously, the music industry in general is going through uncertain times at the moment and even smaller labels like ourselves feel the pinch of a cautious CD-buying public," Nigel Humbersone said. "There is an ITN DVD in the making. Ultimately it's a long term project that we're currently compiling but it will feature a whole range of interesting archive material including live concert footage, first concert audio, unseen photographs, promotional videos, short films and much, much more."

Though prolific in the studio, In The Nursery isn't afraid to kick it live. "We've now played Mexico on four occasions and the audiences have always been amazing, but the most memorable live concert venue was an open air amphitheatre on the island of Sicily, Italy. The biggest audience we've played to was over 10,000 people at the Zocalo Main Square in Mexico City last year."

Humberstone has mixed feelings about the current state of music. "There's some great music being made. It's just that the music industry manipulates the public's taste too much. People end up listening to what they think they should be listening to, not what they actually enjoy listening to."

What's next for the brothers? "We're working on new material for the next In the Nursery album, then we're doing a European tour. This will be followed by composing new soundtracks for a couple of silent films."

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