September 2003
interview by Ian C Stewart

The concept of the Superstar DJ is as much of a cliche as the Drug-Addled Rock Star at this point. And yet with exposure on MTV, international gigs and a new mix CD Hot And Tasty Beats, Jackie Christie may just live up to the title.

When were you on MTV? I think I was absent that week.
Andy Warhol put it best: "everyone will have their 15 minutes" and the MTV generation is proof of that. To answer your question, it was the summer of 1997.

Do you like watching MTV now? Personally, I prefer VH1 Classic.
I find it to be the same. And it is what it is. I like cool music DVDs.

How's the current label situation working out?
Nervous has been a staple in dance for a long time and I am proud to be a part of it!

Who were your musical influences?
Well that could take forever so I'll give you the short in dance music terms, Donna Summer album On The Radio, produced by Giorgio Mordier, The Electrofying Mojo, Motown. Chicago House music legends like DJ Frankie "Godfather Of House" Knuckles, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Balke Baxter, Junior Vasquez, Danny Taneglia, Roger Sanchez, Little Louie Vega, and many more.

What's the biggest audience you ever played for ?
Recently I filled in for Digweed at the Moby show for MTV, at least 10,000 people. It was awesome.

What's your favorite place to play live?
Anywhere where the people are getting into the music.

Have you been on tour recently?
I was just in Seattle and San Francisco and am going to Portland next week. I find I'm always on the go. Just the way I like it!

Where are your biggest markets?
NYC, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland in the states and Japan and Italy overseas.

Will there be a DVD of your stuff?
Maybe, if I work really hard!

Dream gig - what would the ultimate lineup be for an evening?
A dream night would be to play with Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez, have a live vocalist - not sure who at moment - or play with Danny Tenaglia. I was also a part of the rave scene, so sharing isn't so bad, but playing an entire night with a performer like Cindy Lauper is awesome, which I did at Club Universe. I like it when the club has decor and dancers doing shows. My motto is: have records & CDs can play, where's the plane!?

Describe your DJing approach, if you can.
I play everything from hard house, tribal and techno to pumpin' house to sweet vocal house to hiphop. I like to have a beginning a middle and an end. There are no rules and yet there is form, it is a feeling. I like to tell stories with music. It's a way to capture the times. The art of music is complex and the more I listen the more I learn.

On your CD you did an edit on the track "Medicine" - can you tell me about your involvement in the edit?
I also produce music and I found that the song was too long for what I was trying to achieve. I wanted it to be exciting so I did a little studio magic created a trippy beat and got to the point of the song.

Do you have musical aspirations?
I am back in the studio at the moment and it's been fun, I am almost done with another single, titled "ISO (In Search Of)." I have really grown musically and the journey continues!

Will there be more DJ Jackie Christie CDs?
Yes! I have a lot of stories to tell through music.

And is there anything you're feeling mouthy about?
Yes! I am looking around. People need to be nice and get real, stop thinking it's all about themselves. Recognize other's ability and know that it doesn't take away from them. If they have something to say, say it and be nice!

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