February 2003
interviewed by Ian C Stewart

Massachusetts darkwave duo Lilac Ambush (named from a "random word association") formed in 2001 and prefers to practice its dark arts in the studio instead of on stage. Spleen Ecq says "Boston has a huge arena with probably fifty thousand seats called the Fleet Center, where the Celtics and Bruins play, along with superstar acts like Tom Petty, AC/DC and 'NSync. There's a Holiday Inn behind it. Behind the Holiday Inn is a Motel 8. Twelve miles past that..." Vocalist Mark Knudsen continues "So, we've played a couple of small club shows. But mainly we spend our time writing and recording. It's much more fulfilling to write music than to play phone tag with some busy club manager." Spleen again: "We are always writing and recording."

Who brings what to the Lilac Ambush table? "I'm inspired by everything from rockabilly to new romantic. The darkwave result is from of our love of classic pop driven by a punk attitude," says Spleen.

What does the future hold, Spleen? "We'd like to play in Belgium, Germany and France."

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