May 2003
interview by Ian C Stewart

Myon is Jukka Nummi vocals,Risto Silenius guitar,Mika Pohjola keyboards,Keijo Koivikko bass,Matii Torro drums. Originally the band was formed in Oulu Finland with a name (project) around 87, 95 we changed our name to myon and got a record deal. The name Myon has taken From the finnish phrace,and it is impossible to explain in english. (Active in local music scene?) Yes in many ways for example i have produced many finnish bands and records. Usually i make some basic tracs with the help of computer and send the tape to Jukka.He writes lyrics,and then we meet in the studio and record demo vocals to the song. After that we rehearse with band and record or perform. (Influences) Rush,Saga,Marillion,Kansas,Motley crue four first ones because the music and the last for atttitude. (Biggest show) In our home town Oulu . 5000 people. We have made two albums Heavens garden 99 for noise and Ghost in paradise 02 for low frequency records..

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