February 2003
interviewed by Ian C Stewart

New York goth/darkwave duo Neikka RPM came together in 1994, though they didn't form a band immediately. "We were more like collaborators at first and not really a band. After working together in the studio we realized that we had a similar musical direction and from that point things started to take shape," says Richard. Dominique concurs, "we began working out tracks for film and internet productions and as a result, our identity developed."

Neikka RPM's debut, Square Matrix 002 (Alfa-Matrix) features remixes by Razed In Black, Negative Format and Terrorfakt.

Richard describes their songwriting process. "We start out with small pieces of music, sometimes itís just a beat. Weíll have ideas for maybe five tracks at a time, and then one song will rise to the top."

And what about that time everybody saw Dominique naked? "We were late to a showcase and stuck in city traffic. So I decided to save a little time by changing my clothes in the car. I spent so much effort making sure the guys in the car wouldn't get a peek that I didn't pay much attention to the cars surrounding us. I guess the rest of the story is pretty obvious. Apparently I put on a striptease show for all the guys who were also stuck in traffic. They did not hesitate to show their appreciation! Keep in mind we were at a standstill. The whole thing was really very funny and Iíll just say that some people still have a lot of fun reminding me about it. But my day will come and payback will be sweet."

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