February 2003
interviewed by Ian C Stewart

Israel's industrial/metal/hardcore/avant garde band Vultures came together in 1999. The lineup includes Maor Appelbaum (synths , programming, samples) , Pointer (samples, programming), Gal Cohen (guitar), Nir Gutraiman (guitar) and Rani Zager (vocals, samples). They have an EP out now that includes a remix by Datach'i.

As for the band's name, singer Zager says "we call ourselves Vultures because we think it represents today's liberated yet corrupted society. People stab each other in the back and lurk like Vultures to their prey."

Their songs come together organically. "We usually start with some loops or programmed beats and we take it from there. We improvise and add lyrics before the track is completed and see what happens."

"We've done some shows with Rabies Caste who have released their second album on Earache Records. They're not that big but this is what you get when you live in Israel. Most of our shows end with us slaughtering the stage. We bring lots of hammers and metal percussion and we invite our friends onstage with us. So you get ten, sometimes twenty people breaking stuff on stage and it's always the climax of the show, but it's risky because sharp objects go flying through the air like harmless bugs or something. At our last show in Jerusalem, our guitar player was wounded when a computer keyboard was thrown at him by the other guitar player. He hurt his ear and needed stitches."

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