May 2003
interview by Alicia Wade and Ian C Stewart

Los Angeles duo Godkomplex has recently released the album World Below on its own Artificial Noise Records. Paul Shouse and Daron Case also busy themselves with other music projects like Skinprobe (triphop/dark ambient) and Chaos Frequency (experimental). The sound on World Below is "very intense, incorporating elements of several different electronic genres including drum and bass, power noise, techno, and cold wave industrial. It is angry, to say the least, and fans of old Ministry should dig it," according to Case.

Shouse and Case are also business partners along with Brad Cole in Artificial Noise Records, with Shouse acting, Case says, as "in-house engineer and producer and heading ANR studios in the mountains of Big Bear, California. Brad Cole heads the A&R and promotion departments, and handles website development. Since I am an attorney specializing in music law, I handle the business and legal affairs of the label."

Artificial Noise was founded "in 2002 by myself and Paul Shouse, as an instrument to advance Godkomplex. Through ANR, we were able to secure a pressing and distribution deal with Hexagon Records, and are in the process of re-releasing World Below with national distribution. In the process, we decided to sign additional bands from various electronic genres."

Godkomplex is still a studio project but that won't always be the case. "Like many bands in our genre, we are a studio band only at the moment. We have been looking into acquiring a live drummer and guitarist for shows, and do not rule out the possibility of performing live in the near future. We have been offered several gigs locally in Hollywood and surrounding areas, but don't yet have the personnel to move forward on that. Although we do use various live instruments including percussive instruments and guitar, ultimately it all goes into the computer. We use Cubase for MIDI and audio recording. Our favorite equipment includes the Access Virus, Waldorf Q, the Novation Nova, and the Ensoniq ASR 10."

So Daron, are you afraid of nuclear war? What are your political views? "I suppose perhaps I should be afraid of nuclear war, since Los Angeles may be a likely target, but I am not concerned in the slightest. First of all, there is very little that I could do about it, should it occur. Secondly, I view the threat as minimal, since any nation with the balls to launch an attack on U.S. soil would be committing virtual suicide. I guess I just view it as extremely unlikely. If you're trying to get me to commit to my political views here, you'll have to check out the next godkomplex release, which will make some strong statements."

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